I am an engineer, living in regional Australia.

I have worked in Mining for the last six or so years through a mix of FIFO jobs and residential positions all around Australia.

During this time I have been made redundant a couple times, seen the highs and lows of the industry and re-evaluated my reasons for work in general.

My aim is to share my experiences about mining. Some of my opinions can be a bit different / jaded due my own personal experiences. Nevertheless I hope that what I write makes you feel something, even if it is negative.

My interests are financial independence, mining, reading, mental health, finding purpose in life.

I chose the name of this blog for a few reasons.

Firstly I wanted to share some of my experiences in Mining, especially around the FIFO world.

Secondly “Mine Life” is a very common term used in mining to describe the current planned operating time of a Mine.

I thought this was interesting as I plan on retiring early and discussing some of the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) philosophies which are linking to my own personal Mine Life or Life of work in Mining.

Thirdly I am communicating it to you as the reader and as such I hope to reach out to people who may see similar struggles with working in the mining industry or with life in general.