Exercising The Power of FU Money

A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to say “goodbye” to my employer. Or as we say in the FI world “exercising the power of FU money”

There were sever major issues at work  that I did not agree with. First and foremost the attitude towards safety was remincisenqt of the stone ages. And secondly they refused to provide sufficient resources to get the work done properly.

I wasn’t happy there to say the least.

The above coupled with 1.5 – 2 hours of commuting everyday was enough to make most people mad on  a good day.

So why was I even there?

Primarily because it was residential and it meant that I was going to be home with my partner every night. On top of this they sold me on flexible work arrangements and the wonderful advantages of a small team…

I should have known better. I had a bad feeling about the place but I took the job anyway as FIFO was messing with my head.

Fast forward a few months and i’m a little further along on this FI journey, my partner and I would like to go travelling for a while and I figured out that I have enough time up to fulfil the requirements for my First Class Mine Mangers Ticket.

So why I am still staying in this job? 

I figure I can stay just a little longer and get just a little bit more money, but the reality is. I didn’t want to be there.

Over the course of the previous months I had been outspoken about a number of safety issues at the mine, people being hurt, others simply not reporting major incidents or management simply covering up a large number of Loss time injuries. Needless to say management wasn’t happy with me speaking up about it.

Then one day, my new manger, who was basically hired a yes man for upper management, calls me into his office and proceeds to hassle me about a plan i’ve produced. Saying that there is major issues with it etc etc.

These are the same plans that Ive been producing for months under different managers without any issues.

I clearly outline that I disagree and that there is nothing clearly written about how these plans need to be produced but i’m happy to work on some guidelines. I can see now though they are looking for excuses.

I decide now that i’m at the end of my tether and sick of bending over backwards for them and request that they produce some guidelines for these plans.

They refuse and Immediately hand in my notice! 

Knowing that I had enough money to support myself for the next couple years really was powerful. When the moment came I was able to keep my dignity and walk out with my head held high. I could have fought their discrimination but I didn’t really see the point. The mining industry is booming and I could easily have a much higher paying position that I would enjoy within a week or two.

Now I get to sit back and enjoy an extended holiday for the next six or seven months and take my time to find a position I will actually enjoy.

Honestly I can’t think of a better life


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