Net Worth May 2018

May 2018 Net Worth – $116,430 

27 Months Since Finding Mr Money Moustache



Ubank – $29,000

Looking to increase this figure to $40k by the end of the year as I’m likely going to give up my current position at work and take some time to travel.. I have had enough of the crap.


Sharesight Figures – $32,000

Most of my shares have taken a hit at the moment.. It might be better to put more money in shares at this point but I am planning to take some time off at the end of the year hence I am wanting some FU money.


Ratesetter Peer 2 Peer Lending


Still ticking along ok.


Australian Super


What’s you experience been with companies paying your super? The company I work for is hopeless. Consistently they are late with payments. Up to two months late in most cases.

The last place I was at, the super payments were in your account within five days of pay-day. Anything else in my opinion is ridiculous..


Net Worth March (outside super) = $62,120

Net worth including super = $116,430


Savings Rate



Aim is to get this above 65% consistently.


Woohoo, I actually hit the goal I set for myself without realizing 🙂


I also have a new addition to my net worth updates! My excel graph. The best this about this is that its shows my net worth since I first found Mr Money Mousatche. I was in significant debt at that time.. Since then I have gained over $150,000 in two years and three months. I often feel like I am struggling to make progress but this has really helped to keep me motivated 🙂



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