Travel Hacking Australia – Where to Start

Travel Hacking Australia – Where to Start?



When I first started looking into travel hacking I was terribly confused..


When it comes to Australian offerings my option were limited.

I started reading many different articles that tried to overthink everything and give everyone a solution.


All I wanted to know was.


What strategy was going to give me the most number of points in the least time for the cheapest amount? (Preferably free)


So with that in mind, I devised a very simple strategy.


Apply for the cards with the highest bonus and no annual fee for the first year. On top of this I was aiming for as small a minimum spend as I could find.


While I was going through this, I thought surely this information could be presented a little easier, so I decided that I would share my journey with you all along the way.


Honestly I don’t care about earn ratio or insurances. I just want big bonus point balances to boost my account quickly.


From this criteria I found the ANZ Frequent Flyer Black


Which has a 75,000 point bonus for Qantas, No annual fee for the first year and a $2500 Minimum spend in the first three months to get these points.

You do need to have a minimum income of $75,000, which if you work in mining is usually a non issue.


Nothing more to it than that.


Just make sure you pay off the balance each month, fulfill the spending requirements and you are good to go. And once those points are in your account you can close down the card.


Stay tuned for my next recommendation.



Current Point Balance

QFF: 50,000



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